Direct Sales Arizona

To kick-start your careers in the marketing industry, you can utilize Ouroboros Marketing Group’s Training Program developed to provide our team with the networks, resources, and aptitudes to attain success. Here, we maximize all team members’ potential, present and new. That’s why each person has access to the desired educational resources through us. Our training and assessments help us refine our focus and resources on what the team wants to learn.

No matter the career milestone, Ouroboros Marketing Group makes sure to provide its new people with the best training programs and attention to creating a solid company culture and leadership base. All members are urged to engage in different training programs to polish their skill sets. Senior managers also get specific training to handle people and projects effectively, demonstrate strong leadership and define the firm’s culture.

Our goal at Ouroboros Marketing Group is to teach people to be self-sufficient and build a thriving company from the ground up. What makes our training program unique is the right blend of advanced internal training created by certified specialists throughout the year. During our time with us, You will master all the skills it takes to grab an audience’s attention and make the highest earnings during this time. This program caters to each individual’s specific needs.

Current opening

Entry-level Executive

We are looking for an entry-level executive in management training to help us create and execute our growth strategies. This job role is for those who want to gain valuable experience in a managerial position with advancement potential. During your training, you’ll learn to identify and apply essential strategies and business processes. The training program will also cover sales, marketing, and management skills required to manage a team and territory. To succeed in this role, you should have strong analytical skills, and effective communication is essential.


If you’re excited about our company’s vision and want to start the path of becoming one of our future leaders, we’d like to hear from you.